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We proudly announce that we also take up PV Solar Rooftop & Solar Plant projects on Power Purchase agreement Model-PPA, That means you may go solar with Zero investment across India and Overseas and comply with goverment policies if applicable to your establishment. We invite domestic and international Investors who wish to come along with us for green globe initiative and still earn attractive returns on your investment. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

All of our products meet the relevant national and international specifications and requirements. The products are tested and approved by competent laboratories. All the products are certified by ISO, TUV, IEC and UL which indicates the best of Solar Power Technology.

We have developed an array of Solar energy solutions those are reliable, affordable and green. "Rooftop installation" is the most important "Solution Packs" for all type of developments. We give assurance that the products & Energy Solutions are at the forefront of technology and innovation.


Working of grid interactive solar power plant

This system automatically "wakes up" in the morning and exports power provided there is sufficient solar energy and the grid voltage and frequency are in range. Functioning of solar power plant is mentioned below:
  • If solar is generating enough power no power will be drawn from the grid.
  • If solar is meeting partial load, remaining power will be drawn from the grid.
  • If there is no solar generation, grid will be the source of supply.

If the grid voltage and / or frequency goes out of a preset range the inverter is immediately disconnected from the grid. The inverter will reconnect after a pre determined time when the grid is back in range. When the exported power is below a low, preset value or the solar isolation is below a set value for a pre determined amount of time, the inverter Is disconnected from the grid and is operated in a "sleep mode". In this mode the inverter power stage components are switched off thereby keeping the stand by losses to a lowest.

Scope of Work:

  • Technology Selection - Panels, Inverters, Cables, Layout optimisation etc
  • MNRE Registration
  • Design and Optimisation
  • Supply & Installation of Solar Modules
  • Supply & Installation of mounting structures
  • Supply, Installation and commissioning of Solar Power Conditioning Unit(Solar Inverters)
  • Civil foundation for mounting structures
  • Installation of DC/AC cabling in the entire plant
    • Earthing for solar panels, Inverters, Control Room, LT Panel
    • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of
    • Lighting Arrestors
    • Combiner Boxes
    • Weather Monitoring Station
    • LT Panels
    • Cabling and Termination
    • Data Logging Equipment
  • Plant Trials
  • Commissioning
  • Water plumbing for solar module cleaning if (required)